Bridal Shops

Regardless of your style or budget, we guarantee that you will find one for you in our store, no matter what you are looking for. We provide everything you need to know to plan the perfect wedding in New England, from wedding planning to planning your wedding day.
When you buy a wedding dress in Milwaukee, you have to do everything in your power to find a dress you love and a local store that matches your personality. When it comes to your wedding, saying “yes” to this dream dress is the biggest decision to make, whether you choose it or not while you’re wearing it. Whether you are looking for the dress you dreamed of as a child or the perfect dress for you and your partner, we guarantee you will find it in your local bridal shop. From a perfectly beaded look to a gorgeous dress with a high neckline and even a pair of heels, if you’re buying wedding dresses in Wisconsin, you won’t need more than a few hours of research and go to our local stores to find the dresses you loved and the local stores that fit your personality.
Miss Ruby Boutique is the first bridal store to open in the heart of downtown Milwaukee and has been open for over 8 years. Miss Ruby’s Boutiques is one of the oldest and most prestigious bridesmaid shops in Milwaukee, and we behave like this and help bridesmaids find just the right dress for them.
The store is just beautiful and we recently moved to a new location in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, just a few blocks from our old location. We are unbeatable in terms of the quality of service, location or great prices, but above all the atmosphere.
Christina Wegner opened White Dress in 2010 and brought the bridal scene from New York and Paris to Milwaukee to marry the modern (no pun intended) tailoring style for which Milwaukee is internationally known.
The team makes every effort to make every bride’s dream come true the moment she finds her dream dress. L’elite, an on-site studio, masterfully manages all the necessary changes, from the simplest to the bespoke dream creations that brides need to have so much fun in their boutique.
Salon owner Ramona D’Agata will find the perfect wedding dress for you, style and venue and give you an hour to choose from. The full salon has two hours of champagne for added hilarity, but it gives you the option of a full – on wedding reception with a private reception for $1,500.
For over 30 years stylists at Allegria Bridal Brides have been helping brides find the perfect wedding dress for their wedding day, from dresses to accessories to Matthew McConaughey-esque accessories. The appointment – only the store offers everything from sparkly headgear to a full one – at a $1,500 wedding reception with private reception.
Flair’s offer extends beyond the wedding day and includes clothing cleaning and preservation services. The shop can take care of the conversions in the house – or the clothes are taken elsewhere for conversions. Stylists of Flair can equip your troupe with the fanciest bridesmaid dresses and help the bride find her own look for the big day.
Located about an hour from the city, this spacious New Hampshire salon features a full-service bridal salon, a private bridesmaid suite, and a boutique-style salon. The private bridal suite is furnished with consultants who listen to your needs and bring you a variety of dresses.
They often have trunk shows from top designers, so you should bring out your EARLY calendar if you’re planning to drop by. Take a look at their Pinterest board to get an idea of their style, and if they’re not near you, take a look at the photos on their Facebook page.
Although I was not personally in the store, I can see that there is nothing wrong with them as they wear dresses from some of the bridal industry’s most popular brands such as Dior, Prada and Versace. You have a nice selection, but some more modern and unique dresses were available.
I have the feeling that most people assume that finding a dress is the special moment, but I sincerely hope that the brides of the past have inspired you to find something that is TRUE and unique in the form of a wedding dress. I will meet you with all kinds of questions, and I am sure you will.
Kate Iggens, who has no desire to buy and sell in retail, has decided that brides who fit perfectly with you will be determined by their personal experience and style.
White Dress is the newest bridal store in Milwaukee that opened its doors in August 2015. The Chicago – basedBridal brand is making a splash in Milwaukee, where two of its stores are just steps away from each other. Learn more about White Dress and its plans to open a bridal showroom in the early 2020s.